It’s not easy being green, or why in your face enviornmentalism makes Mongo angry.

Green, it’s everywhere.

From your on again-off again, outlawed(or maybe not) incandescent light bulbs to the tagless teabag steeping in your cup of solar or wind or geothermal heated water, green has supplanted quality as the metric to judge every product by. Be it a free range recycled steel or aluminum spray can filled with an “all natural” chemical cleansing spray or a government subsidized hybrid electric vehicle with worse fuel economy than the average European diesel four door sedan, you just can’t find any product today that some squinty eyed ad executive hasn’t slapped the “Green” or “Environmentally Friendly” tag on in hopes of making that most important of all Greens, the All Mighty Dollar.

And the average hapless hausfrau has been convinced that by doing her part by buying these blessed by the priests of Gaea talismans, somehow she is saving all life on Fantasia from the Nothing that is going to destroy it all. Blissfully unaware that with just a little knowledge and elbow grease she could not only save the planet, she could save money as well.

Want to clean glass? Simple. Isopopyl or rubbing alcohol, table vinegar and water.
Need something to scour that unsightly soap scum from the shower? Baking soda.
Got ants invading your home? 20 Mule Team Borax mixed with powdered sugar and placed in their path. A modification to the last can also kill cockroaches. Borax, baking flour and cocoa powder in a 4/2/1 ratio has proven effective with patience.

In the end, if you want to be green, don’t line the pockets of others at the detriment of your own.  Research and find true green alternatives to the pricy pablum being spoon fed to the world so less astute people can feel a little better about themselves.

It’s not easy being green, but it’s easier than being broke and clueless.

2 responses to “It’s not easy being green, or why in your face enviornmentalism makes Mongo angry.

  • Mike Rogers

    Nice rant Mongo! … I like the hybrid idea but I hate the entire hybrid execution. I once had a Geo Metro once- $9k brand new and got better than 50mpg on the highway and better than 35 in town. A Dodge Neon- better than 40 hwy, A Pontiac Fiero- better than 40hwy as well. All those cars put together new cost less than a Prius.

    Making a fuel efficient car isn’t mystery…we’ve done it for years. Of course Clarkson from Top Gear drove a Jaguar diesel with twin turbos and a V-8 over a 1000miles on a single tank if fuel and had enough left over for another 100 miles…. in a Jag.

    Hybrid my BUTT…what a gimmick. I think its more in HOW you drive than WHAT you drive within limits.

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