Top 10 Reasons to Carry a Handkerchief

Top ten reasons to carry a handkerchief:

In the modern age of disposable paper products, the humble handkerchief has become a bit of an anachronism.  Still, One would think that with all the “green” hoo-hah these days that more people would see the intrinsic value in this little piece of cloth. So, here is my top ten list for reason to carry a handkerchief.

10.  Runny noses.

9.  Handy for a sweaty brow.

8.  Makes a nice impromptu packaging for loose items.

7.  In dire circumstances, works as a bandage.

6.  Works as an emergency tie down when cordage isn’t available.

5.  It’s a handy make shift garot.

4.  Makes a good gag for mouthy prisoners.

3.  White ones are internationally recognized as a sign of peace.

2.  For those times You need a napkin and didn’t remember to bring one.

1.  It just looks classy to whip one out.


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3 responses to “Top 10 Reasons to Carry a Handkerchief

  • Dharmachick

    And it makes your daughter happy. 🙂 She always steals or requests one from you every time she sees you.

    I usually don’t worry about having handkerchiefs because you always carry, like, 10 on your person. Unless you’re not immediately with me or in the vicinity where I can get to you and ask for one, then I’m screwed.

  • Robert Redbeard

    People seem to think it’s gross. So I like to add to the gross factor and just tell them I am saving it for later.

    Even my dog carries a hanky. LOL!

  • Steven Williams

    Hey, people carried them for centuries whenever cloth was available. I say if One doesn’t like the gross factor then use Your sleeve. Yeah, that’s sanitary. LOL

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