Old Men Sewing and Whatnots

Not long ago, we bought this $400 industrial sewing machine.  The thing is, we work with tough and thick materials,  so industrial was a must.  Plus, industrial holds up to Ghillie and Mongo’s abuse.  After all, they are old men playing like stitchmasters.

Here we are with an industrial sewing machine.  Then, here we are with a collection of what Ghillie likes to call man purses (everyday carry bags/EDC).  The next step was clear.  We were going to modify bags to our purposes.  We were also going to make smaller pouches and bags to go with them.  We also like creating our own versions of EDC because we have very different ideas of a) what constitutes an everyday carry, b) how it should function, and c) what good quality really is.

That means:

  • Being able to carry lots of items, heavy and light.
  • The bag still easy and light to carry in its redistribution of weight.
  • Must look bad-ass.
  • Must not fall apart after less than 3 months of use.

Why are we so into EDC?

Well, because:

  1. We have loads of children, and often that means emergencies usually crop up.  Gotta wipe that nose real quick? Handkerchief.  A little cut? Small first aid kit.
  2. We carry things to prepare for other emergencies.  Firestarter kit, OTC pain relievers, etc.
  3. Instead of being distributed in various pants’ pockets, it’s all in one place and can be put aside.

With that said, please enjoy a view of Ghillie’s prototypes of belt pouch and simple pouch.  You can click on it to enlarge.

Belt Pouch:

Belt Pouch
Belt Pouch Belt Pouch Belt Pouch Ghillie's EDC Items

Simple Fire Kit Pouch:
Made from scraps of materials used in making the belt pouch. Pouch is being used to hold the makings of flint and steel kit.

Simple Pouch
Flint Items Used to Fill in Prototype Pouch Pouch Pouch, Flint, Candle -- perfect setup

Tomorrow, Ghillie will weave a lanyard for the fire kit pouch.  What he will do is use paracord for the main neck cord with a cobra weave of jute around it for about 3 inches.   The jute can be used as tinder when unrolled.

Until then, that’s all the eye candy ya get.


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