American Dream has Changed

Reading this will spark some sort of passionate response in you — either a total disagreement or a total agreement: Death of The American Dream? America 1950 v.s. America 2012 – Mr. Conservative.

After you’ve read that, let me for a moment turn your attention towards this piece of art by Terry Downs, which is $60 if you were interested in it.  A click of this image will take you to where credit is due.

The American Dream of Bounty

That picture alone makes me yearn for those kind of days.  If you dig around, however, there’s some families in the South that’s keeping this reality alive everyday.  More and more people are looking at a return to this lifestyle but in looking forward with having it hand in hand with modern technology.  Should modern technology fade away, they would still have their homestead.  More people are looking at a Prepper lifestyle, too.  Still, some things from that article  should be considered.

Mr. Conservative sure painted a rosy picture of the olden days.  I have to admit that 1950s and 1960s looked a lot better than today only because the statistics makes it look pretty.  Change is inevitable, he says, and I agree.   Some changes aren’t pretty.  Changes weren’t always meant to be pretty.  There seems to be a moral that a lot of people rarely acknowledge and take a good, deep look at.

I love the technology of today, but hate the mindset and attitude America has become.  I love that we are more independent, but hate how we shun community, elders, and think everyone owes us something.  I love what our country was founded on (Freedom), but hate that we still allow ourselves to be shackled.  I love that we are increasingly aware and open to what was hated in the 50s and 60s, like a dark skin, but hate that we have found something else to hate and shun today about groups of minorities we have.  It seems that these changes have made us more hostile, maybe in that we are bewildered by it and hate what we cannot understand.

So, what has the American Dream changed to? I think we are divided on that.  The American Dream is either to go as green as you can (see Mongo’s rant) or to have bigger, better, classier things.  Really, we have less and less —  jobs, housing, family-oriented mindset, and the list can keep on going.  We also have more — technology, debt, opportunities to go to college, and welfare.

I think what I prefer is a mix of what the 1950s held and what the future can hold.  Something we can do now, in our present, in this moment.  Changes we can create for ourselves.  My focus is on self-reliance for the strength to adapt, for the positive impact it can create, and for the community that comes together.  I think we must be accountable for what our youth will have tomorrow.

But that’s just Dharmachick rambling.  What do you prefer?

ETA: Mongo in comments below made a good point.


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One response to “American Dream has Changed

  • m0ngo

    Mongo here, and there’s a one point I disagree with. “…but hate that we are have found something else to hate and shun today about groups of minorities we have.”

    Often what is being portrayed as hate in one light is another is concern for criminal behavior and deviance. There’s an entire business built around grievance and taking otherwise rational concern and turning it into a tool to use against those who are concerned. Illegal aliens disregarding our laws and customs to come here and take away jobs that we need. Homosexuals taking anything other than blind embracing of their lifestyle as an attack against them. Muslims attacking infidels openly, but reacting with rage and violence when a Christian tries to talk about Jesus. No, it’s less finding someone else to hate and more standing against the devastation that comes when everything we were founded on is being erased so those minorities FEEL better about themselves.

    Other than this one point, The rest is good.

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