If knowing is half the battle, we’ve got them whooped already, they just ain’t figured it out yet.

You will have noticed several of the books on my last list were U.S. Army training manuals.  Some of you may be asking yourself why this particular source of information for S.R.S. or Self Reliance and Survival training.  As I’ve had occasion to answer that question before, I thought I’d go ahead and explain my thinking.

Far be it from me to EVER disparage anyone who has the fortitude to enlist and serve in the Armed Forces, but I remember how bone headed I was back in the dawn of time.  Had I not been as dumb as a brick I might have joined up and saved myself from the greater acts of brick head stupidity that followed.  The ever benevolent Uncle Sam has spent untold millions of our tax dollars figuring out how to instruct young, potentially bone headed, men and women who would otherwise be more interested in each other than in training in the noble arts of war craft, using these fine materials and the ever gentle guiding hand of the Drill Sergeant.

While we are bereft of a Sergeant of our own, we can and should benefit from one of the few legitimate uses of our tax dollars.  And if these manuals can teach me something, anyone could use them.

Another reason I have selected Army training manuals for addition to my library is they can not only be purchased in hard copy format most of them can be found in Adobe PDF format often for no cost.

I will admit, when searching for army training manuals, the field manual or FM designation which is often just a string of numbers can be confusing.  Like the ever popular FM 21-76 which is better known as the Army Survival Manual.  Without spending all day Googling for answers, you’re likely going to need a one stop source for an explanation.  This particular website can help you to decipher the numerical noise into something more coherent.

Below are a handful that you might find particularly useful in PDF format, I’d also try to pick these up in hard copy should the opportunity arise.

FM 20-3 – Camouflage
FM 21-11 – First Aid for Soldiers
FM 23-10 – Sniper Training
FM 21-75 – Combat Skills of the Soldier

And lastly, if your butt is anything like mine.

21-20 – Physical Fitness Training

If these not exactly what you need, a little digging and you will find much and more that can be of use to you.  There are several sites dedicated to Field Manuals, if your Googlefu is strong, you can locate them without much effort.



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