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More Subscribers?

I notice this blog is getting more subscribers!  At the time of this posting until Friday, I will be importing (or attempting to import) subscribers to our website.

Please subscribe at our new blog post until then!

And please read our last update for more info:

We’ve Moved!

After this week, subscriptions will be closed at this URL, as well as commenting and more.  All the old posts from here have been moved over to the new site where the commenting feature is enabled.

At the new site, you will find things like…

  1. Latest project/items for sale:
    Monkey Fist with Paracord Bracelet Handle
  2. Latest product we love:
    Svord from Tricities Knife Works
  3. Most recent posts by Mongo:
  4. Upcoming posts by Ghillieman:
      Apocalypse Currency
      The Paracord of all Paracords
  5. Our store will soon be live!!!

So, please head on over.  You’ll be glad you did.




We’ve moved!

We’re currently live over at our new official website.  As we settle into our new home, please note that we’re undergoing a lot of changes.

What to expect:

  1. We’re having some difficulty importing comments to the website.  If we’ve lost any, I apologize.
  2. We manually re-added links.  We are trying to be far more organized, so links have their own subcategories.  If you don’t see yours there, please e-mail me at
  3. We’re still tweaking the website quite a bit, so we’re working on twitter badge, facebook, social share, template, and various other plug-ins.
  4. Some of our pages are funky looking, unfortunately.  In fact, suffice it to say that we’re a bit of a mess at the moment.  Those good ole moving blues where it’s kind of like we have unpacked boxes sitting around.  We’re keeping the old theme, though.
  5. All old posts have been imported into the new website, but we are keeping the old posts here as well.  Reason for that is to keep an archive and to re-direct repeat visitors from this URL to the new URL.  New posts will continue over there, without any update to this one.  Don’t miss it!
  6. Good news: We’re still the crazy crew of Ghillieman, Mongo, and Dharma!

So, hurry your booty over to that new website! I’m still basking in the glow of having our own brand new domain site.  Remember that new car smell?  Yeah, novelty hasn’t worn off yet.

Cheers and see you there,


ETA: It would be very helpful to me if you pointed me in the direction of the best themes to use.  You can share in the comments below! I wanted something like PageLines and Themia for:

  1. Option to change font type, style, and sizes for post titles, subtitles, and content.  That was cool.
  2. Sleek and professional lay-out, while maintaining a personal feel.
  3. Variety of lay-out and templates within the theme, as well as varying color schemes.  It would be nice to have a bit of Elegant Grunge w/ a Pageline or Themia layout! Lol.
  4. When pressing a nav button (pages, subscribe button, etc), it looks squishy.  I love that!
  5. They didn’t quite have this for me (or I was too dumb to figure it out), but I wanted awesome social buttons lined up at the top of the site.
  6. Any sizes of customizable header.
  7. Both Pageline and Themia are premium themes, but they had options to get free/lite versions of those themes.  I couldn’t find that for the others.
  8. Oh, and works within my budget! That includes free to $30.

What do you say?

It’s Six Feet of Cord, Dummy!

At school yesterday, my oldest son corrected a classmate that paracord bracelets are not just “fashionable”.

“It’s six feet of cord, dummy!” he said.  After he told me that, we talked about paracord bracelets for awhile.  I came away with a request to make one for my son.

I can’t explain just how proud and happy that makes me.  My sons are well-known for their love of all things army and preparedness.  My youngest son has a cross-body EDC bag that resembles my wife’s black bag.  It’s simple things like their awareness of prepper lifestyle in little things, as well as their curiosity, that makes me happy. Continue reading

Fear of Fire is the Beginning of Reason.

There’s little in the world that I fear more than fire.  An irreplaceable tool when contained, an unbelievably destructive force when allowed to run free.

While many people have Fire Insurance on their homes and an extinguisher somewhere in the house, it is often under the kitchen sink or in the garage, out of sight and neglected until necessity demands it work immediately and perfectly.  When was the last time you looked at yours or the last time you actually inspected the extinguisher?  Do you even remember the last time you had preventative maintenance done? Continue reading

The trigger finger, all that separates us from the animals

The United States Federal Government as currently constituted exists solely to wield force against the individual by creating laws to control behavior it deems unacceptable or contrary to the common good.  Common Good being defined by those in positions of authority who are most often interested in their own good rather than that of the people.  To that end, they are ever ready to impose onerous restrictions on the ability of the citizenry to possess firearms. As any politician knows, an armed citizen can not be threatened or intimidated into submission he can only be reasoned with or the politician having failed to securing compliance through honeyed words, killed.  A less than optimal outcome for a dead slave is a poor slave.

When one is armed, one is capable of resisting coercion and force.  Unarmed, one is incapable of resistance in any meaningful way.  Citizen versus subject can be defined as the ability to offer resistance in the face of compulsion and the surest tool of resistance is the modern firearm.  Not since the first rock was tied to a stick has such power been concentrated into the hands of a single individual as the alchemy of gun powder, pipe, and lead. Continue reading

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