The trigger finger, all that separates us from the animals

The United States Federal Government as currently constituted exists solely to wield force against the individual by creating laws to control behavior it deems unacceptable or contrary to the common good.  Common Good being defined by those in positions of authority who are most often interested in their own good rather than that of the people.  To that end, they are ever ready to impose onerous restrictions on the ability of the citizenry to possess firearms. As any politician knows, an armed citizen can not be threatened or intimidated into submission he can only be reasoned with or the politician having failed to securing compliance through honeyed words, killed.  A less than optimal outcome for a dead slave is a poor slave.

When one is armed, one is capable of resisting coercion and force.  Unarmed, one is incapable of resistance in any meaningful way.  Citizen versus subject can be defined as the ability to offer resistance in the face of compulsion and the surest tool of resistance is the modern firearm.  Not since the first rock was tied to a stick has such power been concentrated into the hands of a single individual as the alchemy of gun powder, pipe, and lead.

One of the greatest modern example of the evil of citizen disarmament is World War Two Nazi Germany.  Without any way to defend themselves, millions of Jews were slaughtered at the whim of a madman.  In 1943 came two famous acts of resistance.  Polish Jews in the ghettos of Warsaw and Białystok managed to fight back against the overwhelming force of the German army with initially little more than handguns and a few hunting rifles.  These weapons allowed them to procure heavier weapons from the hands of their tormenters.  While they were ultimately unsuccessful as the allies refused to intervene on their behalf, their choice to fight rather than meekly submit to extermination was aided by the fact they were initially able to secure a few light arms.

The Nazis aren’t the only ones in this century.  Joseph Stalin, Fidel Castro, Mao Tse-Tung, Pol Pot and others have washed their regimes in the blood of their subjects.  But these slaughters didn’t begin until after the people had been disarmed by force of law.  Untold millions have died at the hands of those who followed the path of gun control.  As history has shown, once governments are able to inflict disarmament upon the people, then those governments stop having to perform the song and dance of democracy.  When that happens, these self anointed princes rarely hesitate to get down to the true business of government which is the suppression and enslavement of the people.

The Second Amendment of the American Constitution states as follows:

“A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

While there are those that attempt to parse words and insist that the inclusion of the word militia means the Second Amendment only applies to the government, the context of the other Amendments makes it clear to any reasoning adult that the right to keep and bear arms is an individual right just like the others listed from the First to the 9th Amendments.  To argue The Second Amendment protects the rights of government to maintain arms is as asinine as saying The First Amendment guarantees the government the right to possess and run printing presses.

When a politician calls for gun control, you can be certain that he or she has no interest in protecting you against the “evils” of firearms.  They are simply growing tired of having to pander to those they view as their subjects.  Once disarmed, you are no longer a citizen, you become property of the state to be used or disposed of at whim.


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