It’s Six Feet of Cord, Dummy!

At school yesterday, my oldest son corrected a classmate that paracord bracelets are not just “fashionable”.

“It’s six feet of cord, dummy!” he said.  After he told me that, we talked about paracord bracelets for awhile.  I came away with a request to make one for my son.

I can’t explain just how proud and happy that makes me.  My sons are well-known for their love of all things army and preparedness.  My youngest son has a cross-body EDC bag that resembles my wife’s black bag.  It’s simple things like their awareness of prepper lifestyle in little things, as well as their curiosity, that makes me happy.

It never really took very much to make me happy.  I’m a simple man.  I’ve made each family member a paracord bracelet that suits them.  My wife has an orange one.  My sons have varying green and black.  My daughter will soon be getting a pink and purple one.  Seeing that makes me satisfied.  It’s the little steps to being prepared that goes a long way.

While having a lot of cord on hand in a neat, wearable convenience, we all utilize the paracord bracelets in useful ways.  Granted, in an instance where the corded bracelet must be deployed the cord is a kinked-up mess.  Still, it is usable cord that can be used if need be and not hinder the person carrying it.  I still keep a hank of cord rolled up in my EDC bag for general purpose use that isn’t kinked.

My wife has her flashlight attached to her bag using a paracord bracelet I made.  Everyone’s bags in the Ghilliehold has tiny paracord zippers for easy grab and zip.  I have a walking stick with a paracord string on it that I attach to my paracord bracelet on my wrist.  Yeah, old men need walking sticks that won’t fall and make us have to bend over to pick it back up.


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