We can be contacted via our twitter, fb fan page, and gmail.  Our gmail is oldageandtreachery@gmail.com.

A few things, plus some basic ground rules:

1. Guest posting.  We gladly accept any guest posts for this blog.   We are also happy to guest post for others.  If you want to share your guest post from here on your blog, excerpt it.  (Example).  We have a few topics that needs to get covered:

  • Firearms.
  • Old age & survival.
  • Disability & survival.
  • EDC: what you carry, what you carry with, what products you recommend, do you DIY, do you modify, etc.
  • Communication of all kinds.
  • Bushcraft.
  • Disaster preparedness.
  • Urban, suburban, and rural homesteading.
  • Gardening.
  • Canning.
  • Storage.
  • Community: being part of or creating.
  • Technology.
  • Family: raising children to be preppers, etc.

2. Link Sharing and Advertisement.  Any link sharing and advertisements have to be completely relevant to the core of our blog.  We will soon have a little button to share for sidebars and we will link yours if you do the same.  We believe in mutual linking for now.

3. Commenting. We accept criticism, reviews, general comments, and more.  We do not accept comments that advertise something that is irrelevant to the core of what our blog is.  We intend to evolve our content and engage our readers, and this is what commenting helps us do.   All we ask is that you are respectful.  That means disrespectful comments, along with comments containing irrelevant advertising, gets deleted.  We reserve the right to do that.

4. Copyright.  All blog content here is copyrighted by us unless otherwise noted.  Ask for permission to copy semi-partially, an excerpt and linked back to us.  Give credit where credit is due and we will do the same for you.



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