About the Crew



Ghillieman aka Steven : The sneaky bastard of the clan.  Often one to break into spontaneous laughter and have a difficult time coherently explaining what just went through his warped brain.  40 year old father and husband.  Career in precision machining with CNC, lathes, and mills.









Mongo aka Dale : The Cody of the clan (please tell me you watch Dual Survival).  He can be found breaking into random song.  During conversation, he gives significant glances to emphasize his pauses (with the narrowing of his gaze) before stating something.  40 year old father to a very spoiled dog.  He’s quite the bachelor (winkwink).  Poet/Badass/Biker = Manbeast that is Mongo.







Dharmachick aka Kayla :  Ghillie and Mongo gave her the nickname Dharmachick one night.  It essentially means, “She is who she is”.  She usually has a hand ready to either pinch or smack.  She changes the subject way too often.  23 year old wife, stepmother, and mother to fuzzy babies.  Cochlear implanted/deaf, writer, and manager.


The Pack : Untold numbers of animals and humans co-existing.  Not always peacefully, but there’s never a dull moment.  There is a mini-Ghillie, Little Old Soul, and Wildflower.



Mongo and Ghillie


Ghillie and Mongo often riff off of each other when a joke opportunity comes up.  They both can and will go for 30 minutes on a joke, just building on it until Dharmachick throws something at them.  Ghillie has a very bad habit of sneaking up on his hearing-impaired wife and startling her out of her ever-lovin’ wits.  Dharmachick also sets them up for pranks they inevitably fall for.

That’s us in a nutshell.


2 responses to “About the Crew

  • Robert Redbeard

    Hey guys,

    Robert Redbeard from Twitter here. Thanks a bunch for the link on your front page. I am very thankful. I am going to add you guys to my BlogRoll on Survival-Skills-Blog.com

  • Dharmachick


    We will include that link as well. Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing the link love.

    You’re very much appreciated, so we’re glad to participate in the link-share.

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