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We’ve moved!

We’re currently live over at our new official website.  As we settle into our new home, please note that we’re undergoing a lot of changes.

What to expect:

  1. We’re having some difficulty importing comments to the website.  If we’ve lost any, I apologize.
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  5. All old posts have been imported into the new website, but we are keeping the old posts here as well.  Reason for that is to keep an archive and to re-direct repeat visitors from this URL to the new URL.  New posts will continue over there, without any update to this one.  Don’t miss it!
  6. Good news: We’re still the crazy crew of Ghillieman, Mongo, and Dharma!

So, hurry your booty over to that new website! I’m still basking in the glow of having our own brand new domain site.  Remember that new car smell?  Yeah, novelty hasn’t worn off yet.

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ETA: It would be very helpful to me if you pointed me in the direction of the best themes to use.  You can share in the comments below! I wanted something like PageLines and Themia for:

  1. Option to change font type, style, and sizes for post titles, subtitles, and content.  That was cool.
  2. Sleek and professional lay-out, while maintaining a personal feel.
  3. Variety of lay-out and templates within the theme, as well as varying color schemes.  It would be nice to have a bit of Elegant Grunge w/ a Pageline or Themia layout! Lol.
  4. When pressing a nav button (pages, subscribe button, etc), it looks squishy.  I love that!
  5. They didn’t quite have this for me (or I was too dumb to figure it out), but I wanted awesome social buttons lined up at the top of the site.
  6. Any sizes of customizable header.
  7. Both Pageline and Themia are premium themes, but they had options to get free/lite versions of those themes.  I couldn’t find that for the others.
  8. Oh, and works within my budget! That includes free to $30.

What do you say?

3 options for Redundant Communication Plans for any contingency | Rural North Carolina

Rating for this blog by Rural North Carolina: 4 1/2 Stars.

3 options for Redundant Communication Plans for any contingency | Rural North Carolina.

Communication is highly important.  Granted, for this deaf girl, it would be a difficult obstacle to overcome in a survival scenario.

When SHTF, I would have to generate sort of verbal codes that I can quickly hear and understand with others, especially if we are going to be communicating via redundant communication.

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American Dream has Changed

Reading this will spark some sort of passionate response in you — either a total disagreement or a total agreement: Death of The American Dream? America 1950 v.s. America 2012 – Mr. Conservative.

After you’ve read that, let me for a moment turn your attention towards this piece of art by Terry Downs, which is $60 if you were interested in it.  A click of this image will take you to where credit is due.

The American Dream of Bounty

That picture alone makes me yearn for those kind of days.  If you dig around, however, there’s some families in the South that’s keeping this reality alive everyday.  More and more people are looking at a return to this lifestyle but in looking forward with having it hand in hand with modern technology.  Should modern technology fade away, they would still have their homestead.  More people are looking at a Prepper lifestyle, too.  Still, some things from that article  should be considered.

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Old Men Sewing and Whatnots

Not long ago, we bought this $400 industrial sewing machine.  The thing is, we work with tough and thick materials,  so industrial was a must.  Plus, industrial holds up to Ghillie and Mongo’s abuse.  After all, they are old men playing like stitchmasters.

Here we are with an industrial sewing machine.  Then, here we are with a collection of what Ghillie likes to call man purses (everyday carry bags/EDC).  The next step was clear.  We were going to modify bags to our purposes.  We were also going to make smaller pouches and bags to go with them.  We also like creating our own versions of EDC because we have very different ideas of a) what constitutes an everyday carry, b) how it should function, and c) what good quality really is.

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Girls with Guns

Dharmachick reporting for duty today.

I couldn’t help but really enjoy this particular blog post today! You see, I’m pro-gun. I like guns. I really like seeing my husband handle guns. Ghillieman, well, he knows what he’s doing. He’s a man with a purpose, so to speak, and that drives me wild.

Ghillie and Mongo often discuss every type of gun and have handled almost every type of gun. We don’t always believe that just anyone can handle guns, but we believe that everyone has the right to learn about them, to be responsible with them, and to bear arms.

On the other hand, I don’t actually have my own gun. I don’t carry one. I have no permit yet. That’s going to change and Dairy Carrie was just the catalyst for the occasion.

Vermin and Varmints. « The Adventures of Dairy Carrie… I think I Need a Drink!.

This girl was on a mission.

Girls with guns, what could be better? Check out her story. It was a hoot. I’m not speaking for the guys here, as I’m pretty sure they haven’t read it yet.

Watch out, Ghillie. Your wife is going to engage in her right to bear arms. And you’re going to like it.

Over and out.

Our First Video on Youtube.

When old age isn’t enough…

Maybe you’re like us.  You get creaky bones and aching joints.  Your 23 year old wife groans every time you stretch and something pops.  And no matter what you do, you find yourself involved in projects and activities that tend to aid you in the quest of losing a body part.  You should relate.

Or maybe you’re not like that at all.  You’re one of those young’uns who like to laugh their asses off at old people.  In that case, we’re sure you’ll enjoy reading our endeavors and sage advice.  Trust me, being around the block enough times, it’s easy to pontificate as though you have all the wisdom in the world.

So, what exactly are we up to?  We make food that stand up.  We re-create survival scenarios.  We shoot stuff.  We unwittingly put ourselves into fantastic joke fodders.  We like to play with metal, which makes Dharmachick cringe and brace herself for the moment she has to apply her first aid knowledge on us.  We’re a huge fan of Survivorman, Dual Survival, and Good Eats.

Every now and then, we settle our old creaky bones down and gravitate towards sci-fi shows that should have never been shut down.  Yeah, this is pretty much the life.  And you’ve just received the privilege of peeking into the old and treacherous world of Ghillieman and Mongo.  Oh, yeah, and Ghillieman’s wife, Dharmachick.  She’s kind of our editor and manager because we don’t know what the crap we’re doing.

We welcome you.

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