So, we get asked a lot of questions. I figure we should do what other semi infamous people do. Okay, not quite infamous or famous yet. Anyway, start a FAQ page! There is a form at the bottom if you have something you think a lot of people wonder but won’t ask.

1. Why the nicknames?  What do they mean?

Well, Ghillieman — we’re not sure when this started.   This was the name a lot of people called him.  For him, it was a lifelong nickname because he was always into things ‘S’ word and ‘M’ word related.  Back then, survivalism and militia terminology (now it’s Prepper and Preparedness) were considered hush-hush words.  He’s the kind of guy who loves ghillie suits, guns, EDC, and more.  He is also stealthy and quite able to sneak up on almost anyone.

If you’ve ever seen Blazing Saddle, then you know why the name Mongo applied to Dale.  Tall, crazy strong and dumb as a brick.  But a decent sort once he figured out what was going on.  And rather philosophical in his view of life.  Except Mongo isn’t dumb.  It’s also a common term used for a man who is rather stocky and broad in physique.

Dharmachick was something Mongo and Ghillieman thought fit her perfectly.  Dharma means ‘it is what it is’ and ‘supporter, upholder of law’.  Consistent, always the same throughout the day, and someone who would always come through.  You could always tell what she was thinking, but you couldn’t always tell whether or not she was joking.

We needed to use the names that fit the theme of what we needed to write about and build upon for our endeavor in the Prepper community.  Plus, it’s what we often call each other when we see each other.

2. How old are you guys really?

We’re both from the 70s.  That means we’re in our 40s.  We’re gray, wrinkled, cranky, and creaky.  Dharmachick is the youth of the group at 23 years old.  Mongo calls her ‘pup’ much to her annoyance.  But to us, she is an old soul.  Plus, look at her — deaf as a post except when she wears her implant, Prepper mindset, gun-loving, cute, and sassy.  She makes us look old and cranky in comparison, which is the whole point.

3. What do you guys do when you’re not running a blog or rambling about stuff?

Ghillieman is the breadwinner (when he’s not being unemployed, which is a rant for another time).  He found himself between wanting to be an accountant and wanting to cut metal.  He chose to cut metal, which seems to be a dwindling job these days.  He’s a highly trained machinist who works with auto CNC, lathes, and mills.  He has dreams of owning his own machine shop and making custom items/parts.

Mongo is a fixer-upper, tinkerer, and jack of all trades.  He used to find job in security and factories.  These days, his interests lie more in fixing and creating things.  He gardens in his parents’ 10 acre property, mows for them, and spends his free time writing, tinkering, fixing things, and being a father to a very spoiled dog.  He shares the same dream of owning a machine shop, as well as his own secluded property.

They both are also good for manual labor, like junk hauling, yard cleaning, and moving large items for people.

Dharma is a housewife, stepmother, errand-runner, shopper, and writer.  She spends her time Pinteresting, facebooking, tweeting, cooking food, cleaning house, and spoiling her babies.  She is always on standby, reading to swoop in to care for any immediate emergencies that arises.

4. I’m new to the Preparedness terminology.  What does _____ mean?

We’ll start up a nice little Prepper glossary just for you on a rainy day.  For now, this is what we have.

Preparedness covers a wide range of disaster preparedness, common sense, EDC, homesteading, gardening, self-defense, environmentalism,  stocking up on food, foraging, acquiring knowledge of edible wild plants, and community.

EDC : Everyday Carry, which often is a cross-body bag that carries many items for daily use and minor emergencies.  It can also be a pouch.  The whole purpose is to be able to carry things you think you need all in one place and within arm’s reach.

5. Next Question?

If you have any further questions, please e-mail us at oldageandtreachery@gmail.com or fill out the form below.  This is for questions only.  If you merely have a comment or so, use the commenting box below the whole post.


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