Mongo, what is best in life? To crush your enemies, see them driven before you and hear the admonitions of their librarians.

Books, once the only source of knowledge, today they are often forgotten in deference to that behemoth of trivia, the internet.  But the net is a fickle thing, what is there today can easily be removed, restricted or revised into oblivion tomorrow with the ease of a child shaking an etch-a-sketch.  Hard copies, or in grudging respect to the electronic age, ebooks under your own control are a must.  So whether you fill a library with paper or a thumbdrive with bits, having a well stocked library is your only option for maintaining access to information that could prove critical in tough times.

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Old Men Sewing and Whatnots

Not long ago, we bought this $400 industrial sewing machine.  The thing is, we work with tough and thick materials,  so industrial was a must.  Plus, industrial holds up to Ghillie and Mongo’s abuse.  After all, they are old men playing like stitchmasters.

Here we are with an industrial sewing machine.  Then, here we are with a collection of what Ghillie likes to call man purses (everyday carry bags/EDC).  The next step was clear.  We were going to modify bags to our purposes.  We were also going to make smaller pouches and bags to go with them.  We also like creating our own versions of EDC because we have very different ideas of a) what constitutes an everyday carry, b) how it should function, and c) what good quality really is.

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Top 10 Reasons to Carry a Handkerchief

Top ten reasons to carry a handkerchief:

In the modern age of disposable paper products, the humble handkerchief has become a bit of an anachronism.  Still, One would think that with all the “green” hoo-hah these days that more people would see the intrinsic value in this little piece of cloth. So, here is my top ten list for reason to carry a handkerchief.

10.  Runny noses.

9.  Handy for a sweaty brow.

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Knit Knot or Carpe Crochet

I’ve been told I spin a good yarn, but the yarns I spin don’t involve sheep or llamas or goats. O.K., there is one about a goat, but that’s a tale for another day.

I took up the hooked needle two years ago when I failed to find a warm cap that wasn’t colored like a child’s first poop after eating crayons or fringed with more tassles than a burlesque dancer’s bodice.  I wanted a solid light color and no decorations, something that seemed hard to find at the time. Continue reading

Doing the Can-Can or Drop the peas and no one gets hurt!

Do you have a garden? Do you preserve the resulting bounty? If you’ve answered no to either one of these questions, then I shake my head at you and ask Why Not?

Even the smallest of yards has the potential to provide you and yours nutritious food with just a small investment of time and effort. Container gardens running the spectrum from dedicated “earth boxes” to something as simple as a clean food grade 5 gallon bucket filled with potting soil will provide a place for you to grow almost anything you can imagine. Continue reading

No ‘Poo, and no crap either.

Fresh from a sinfully scalding hot shower and squeaky clean, I sit now enjoying the smell of fresh Mongo. Clean, not wreathed in perfumed clouds of artificial odor from the newest in body wash or shampoo, but clean none the less.

My hair still slightly wet from the water, I decided to share a not so dirty little secret with my closest friends. For two years last December 2011, I’ve used nothing on my hair but pure (or as close as we can get to pure) tap water to wash it. And before you recoil in disgust, allow me a moment to assure you, my hair is as clean and sweet smelling as yours, but without all the chemicals or detergents. Continue reading

Girls with Guns

Dharmachick reporting for duty today.

I couldn’t help but really enjoy this particular blog post today! You see, I’m pro-gun. I like guns. I really like seeing my husband handle guns. Ghillieman, well, he knows what he’s doing. He’s a man with a purpose, so to speak, and that drives me wild.

Ghillie and Mongo often discuss every type of gun and have handled almost every type of gun. We don’t always believe that just anyone can handle guns, but we believe that everyone has the right to learn about them, to be responsible with them, and to bear arms.

On the other hand, I don’t actually have my own gun. I don’t carry one. I have no permit yet. That’s going to change and Dairy Carrie was just the catalyst for the occasion.

Vermin and Varmints. « The Adventures of Dairy Carrie… I think I Need a Drink!.

This girl was on a mission.

Girls with guns, what could be better? Check out her story. It was a hoot. I’m not speaking for the guys here, as I’m pretty sure they haven’t read it yet.

Watch out, Ghillie. Your wife is going to engage in her right to bear arms. And you’re going to like it.

Over and out.

It’s not easy being green, or why in your face enviornmentalism makes Mongo angry.

Green, it’s everywhere.

From your on again-off again, outlawed(or maybe not) incandescent light bulbs to the tagless teabag steeping in your cup of solar or wind or geothermal heated water, green has supplanted quality as the metric to judge every product by. Be it a free range recycled steel or aluminum spray can filled with an “all natural” chemical cleansing spray or a government subsidized hybrid electric vehicle with worse fuel economy than the average European diesel four door sedan, you just can’t find any product today that some squinty eyed ad executive hasn’t slapped the “Green” or “Environmentally Friendly” tag on in hopes of making that most important of all Greens, the All Mighty Dollar.

And the average hapless hausfrau has been convinced that by doing her part by buying these blessed by the priests of Gaea talismans, somehow she is saving all life on Fantasia from the Nothing that is going to destroy it all. Blissfully unaware that with just a little knowledge and elbow grease she could not only save the planet, she could save money as well.

Want to clean glass? Simple. Isopopyl or rubbing alcohol, table vinegar and water.
Need something to scour that unsightly soap scum from the shower? Baking soda.
Got ants invading your home? 20 Mule Team Borax mixed with powdered sugar and placed in their path. A modification to the last can also kill cockroaches. Borax, baking flour and cocoa powder in a 4/2/1 ratio has proven effective with patience.

In the end, if you want to be green, don’t line the pockets of others at the detriment of your own.  Research and find true green alternatives to the pricy pablum being spoon fed to the world so less astute people can feel a little better about themselves.

It’s not easy being green, but it’s easier than being broke and clueless.

Our First Video on Youtube.

When old age isn’t enough…

Maybe you’re like us.  You get creaky bones and aching joints.  Your 23 year old wife groans every time you stretch and something pops.  And no matter what you do, you find yourself involved in projects and activities that tend to aid you in the quest of losing a body part.  You should relate.

Or maybe you’re not like that at all.  You’re one of those young’uns who like to laugh their asses off at old people.  In that case, we’re sure you’ll enjoy reading our endeavors and sage advice.  Trust me, being around the block enough times, it’s easy to pontificate as though you have all the wisdom in the world.

So, what exactly are we up to?  We make food that stand up.  We re-create survival scenarios.  We shoot stuff.  We unwittingly put ourselves into fantastic joke fodders.  We like to play with metal, which makes Dharmachick cringe and brace herself for the moment she has to apply her first aid knowledge on us.  We’re a huge fan of Survivorman, Dual Survival, and Good Eats.

Every now and then, we settle our old creaky bones down and gravitate towards sci-fi shows that should have never been shut down.  Yeah, this is pretty much the life.  And you’ve just received the privilege of peeking into the old and treacherous world of Ghillieman and Mongo.  Oh, yeah, and Ghillieman’s wife, Dharmachick.  She’s kind of our editor and manager because we don’t know what the crap we’re doing.

We welcome you.

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